Pflitsch cable glands in Alstom trains

Pflitsch cable glands in Alstom trains

Constant development and plenty of successes in designing components allowed Pflitsch to gain the trust of, inter alia, Alstom, a well-known manufacturer of rail vehicles (long-distance trains, metros and trams).

In 2017, the Nordic X60 "Batch B" suburban trains start service in Sweden. During designing a new vehicle, Alstom engineers faced the challenge of finding appropriate components that would meet the restrictive EU standards for rail vehicles EN45545 (increased fire resistance). Pflitsch's solutions came to the aid.

The German manufacturer recommended products from UNI Dicht and blueglobe series that perfectly met these requirements. The cable glands selected by Alstom are made of nickel-plated brass and have special inserts that are characterized by high degree of protection with an IP68/69 rating and meet the EN45545 standard at the HL3 level. An important feature was also a wide range of operating temperatures: from -40 to +130 degrees Celsius.

Except to the high-quality materials cable glands were made, Alstom engineers were satisfied with the functionality of these products. UNI series glands with multiple inserts aroused particularly interest. This solution turned out to be very useful in convenient and safe routing of numerous cables inside the train. The large range of glands sizes in the supplier's offer also turned out to be relevant.

As a result, cooperation between Alstom and Pflitsch companies has led to the creation of a rail vehicle that meets all the necessary and modern standards.