About Us

Soyter Components was founded more than 25 years ago and from the beginning focused on the distribution of components for the industrial sector. The foundation of the business was connectors and accessories dedicated to cable protection. It was these components that developed the company during its first years of operation and are still an extremely important part of its business today.

Among our suppliers and customers, we focus on partnerships that last for years, sometimes as long as Soyter Components' presence in the market.

Through both our product offerings and the way we serve our customers, we strive to meet the requirements of the most demanding industries. We specialize in serving companies in the railroad, transportation, power generation, mechanical engineering, mining and petrochemical industries, as well as maintenance.

Soyter Components is not only about certain solutions - it is first and foremost about people, specialists with many years of experience in matching the right proposals to the customer's application requirements.

We invite you not only to make purchases and inquiries through our online platform, but also to discuss your needs individually. We are always happy to answer additional questions and present our products more indepth.