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Italian company ILME offers a fully integrated range of high quality products and services for rectangular multi-contact connectors with very high reliability.

The company's headquarters are in Milan, where their technology and R&D centre is also located. For more than 70 years ILME has been a brand highly appreciated by customers worldwide for its innovation, durability and functionality.

ILME connectors represent a very wide range of standard solutions and modules that can be assembled in any combination to transmit electrical, optical, pneumatic and IT signals. Specialised housings and seals protect the connectors from even the most adverse external influences, such as dust and water ingress, impacts, extreme high and low temperatures, EMC interference, corrosion, aggressive chemicals, etc.

These advantages make ILME connectors ideal for automation and robotics systems, rail, marine, offshore, mechanical engineering, wind energy, electrical installations in industrial facilities, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.


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