MGK 2AP25 - IP68 angled housing for two inserts

MGK 2AP25 - IP68 angled housing for two inserts

Limited installation space, shortened installation time and a guarantee of effective protection in difficult environmental conditions are increasingly important arguments in the discussion on the validity of using specific components from the group of industrial connectors. The MGK 2AP25 housing combines all these features and additionally ensures high protection at the IP68 level, making it a reasonable choice in the most demanding applications.

Users looking for a connector that:

  • is resistant to very difficult environmental conditions,
  • gives easy access to cables,
  • takes up little space,
  • is easy and quick to install;

MGK 2AP25 connector offers:

  • long-term resistance to corrosion, aggressive chemicals, UV rays
  • very high resistance to mechanical damage and vibrations,
  • maximum protection,
  • easy access to cables, simplicity of installation,
  • space-saving.


MGK 2AP25 connectors will be used where the harshest environmental conditions occur and ease and flexibility of the installation process is required, such as:

  • train roofs and chassis,
  • roofs and chassis of wheeled vehicles,
  • maritime industry, offshore.

The operation of the MGK 2AP25 connectors is shown in the video below:

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