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For 100 years, the family-owned company PFLITSCH has been a manufacturer of first-class conduit sealing solutions for industry. In line with its motto "Passion for creating the best solutions", the company is constantly adding new products to its portfolio in response to customer requests. As a result, it is able to meet the most difficult requirements of engineers in the railway, chemical, offshore, power generation, automation, electromobility, telecommunications, food and pharmaceutical industries, among others.

The manufacturer's range of solutions includes standard products as well as those adapted for use in environments with increased exposure to fire (e.g. railways), explosion risk (ATEX zones), electromagnetic noise (EMC), mechanical damage (impact, vibration, twisting and pulling of wires, corrosion, aggressive chemicals, etc.), as well as those designed for use in the automotive industry.

Cable glands and modular cable conduits make it possible to tightly pass a large number of bonded and un-bonded cables (as well as conduits) through obstacles. Their resistance to unfavourable external mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic and thermal conditions is confirmed by numerous certificates. They are also characterised by a very easy and quick installation process.

Cable trunking allows cables to be routed safely, quickly and conveniently while providing easy access to any point in the installation.