UNI Split gland i UNI multiple split - split and multi-hole gland systems

UNI Split gland i UNI multiple split - split and multi-hole gland systems

The increasing complexity of today's electrical installations places great demands on producers of cable management systems in terms of their flexibility and the possibility of easy reconfiguration of connections. At the same time, it is necessary to maintain the greatest possible tightness and ease of installation. The answer to these challenges are modular, divided, multi-hole solutions developed by the German manufacturer of cable glands and feedthroughs, Pflitsch. The company's innovative solutions give designers completely new possibilities for safe, quick, easy and convenient routing of many cables without taking up much space.


    For those who are looking for a way to route cables in such a way that:

  • seal multiple cables of different sizes in one gland,
  • be able to replace the sealing inserts with other ones,
  • be able to replace the wires without having to re-make the connector,
  • the process was easy, quick and did not require any special tools,

    split cable glands will provide the following benefits:

  • split glands with different thread sizes,
  • many combinations of sealing inserts, possibility of making a tailored configuration to suit your needs,
  • saving time and costs in the assembly process
  • maintaining the warranty by not having to cut the connector.

    Split cable glands are also characterized by:

  • tightness class up to IP 67,
  • sealing inserts made of various materials,
  • availability of split nuts,
  • version with three glands on one panel.

    Modular, divided, multi-hole solutions from Pflitsch will be used primarily in:

  • prototype devices in which connections are often reconfigured,
  • installations where quick replacement of cables is necessary
  • installations where it is not advisable to disturb the existing connector.

UNI Split Gland

Another practical solution that allows you to run many cables in a small space is CABseal cable gland:



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