Customized entry plate – solution for safe conducting cables and conduits in harsh environment

Customized entry plate – solution for safe conducting cables and conduits in harsh environment

Safe cable routing in demanding environmental conditions requires specialized solutions. Thanks to a wide range of Pflitsch cable glands and also Flexa conduits and connectors, based on a previously drilled plate made of the chosen material, it is possible to create an entry plate tailored to the customer's needs. Such product will help overcome many complex challenges faced by engineers whose task is to secure cables in electrical installations in difficult external conditions.

    If you need a solution that allows you to safely guide cables or conduits through an obstacle, in such a way as to ensure:

  • the greatest possible tightness,
  • possibility of putting many cables through a small surface,
  • large sealing range,
  • the greatest possible protection against mechanical damage,
  • protection against EMC interference,
  • protection against corrosion and other harmful chemical factors,
  • protection against fire,
  • safety in ATEX zones,
  • ease of assembly and disassembly of the entire system,
  • possibility of reconfiguring the system to some extent,


    A customized entry plate will give you, among others:

  • possibility of choosing the material from which the entry plate will be made,
  • possibility to choose the plate size,
  • possibility to choose the location, number and size of holes on the plate,
  • IP 68 tightness,
  • possibility of pulling many cables through the plate (e.g. using glands with multihole inserts or large cable conduits),
  • high strain relief,
  • anti-twist protection of wires in the sealing insert,
  • protection against fire (EN 45545 certificate),
  • protection against such threats like e.g. EMC interference, ATEX, corrosion, aggressive chemicals,
  • possibility of using clean cable glands and conduits, which are profiled in such a way and made of a material that makes keeping them clean easy,
  • ease of assembly and disassembly of the system,
  • possibility of replacing plate elements with others, that have the same thread size.

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    Customized entry plates can be used in:

  • rail vehicles,
  • wheeled vehicles,
  • ships,
  • offshore,
  • food industry,
  • data centers,
  • energy storages,
  • mining,
  • robotics,
  • energy sector.

Example solutions of customized entry plates:

Entry plate and conduits

Entry plate, connector and cable gland

Example solutions of cable protection that can be used in customized entry plate: