UNI EMC Dicht - the EMC gland for the toughest conditions

UNI EMC Dicht - the EMC gland for the toughest conditions

Strong vibrations and electromagnetic interference are a combination that can effectively limit the operation of the device. In this case, you need a component that guarantees full reliability. This group undoubtedly includes the UNI EMC Dicht gland, which was created for the most demanding applications in the railway and maritime industries. It ensures reliable transmission of interference even with intense vibrations.

Users looking for an EMC gland that:

  • suppresses EMC noise very effectively,
  • carries very strong currents,
  • provides effective shielding even with extremely strong vibrations;

The UNI EMC Dicht gland will provide the following benefits:

  • excellent protection of devices against the harmful effects of EMC,
  • ability to seal wires carrying very strong currents,
  • can work in very strong vibration conditions,
  • high resistance to the negative effects of temperature,
  • has the EN 45545 railway certificate,
  • is DNV GL marine certified,
  • protection against twisting of the cable in the stuffing box.

UNI EMC Dicht glands will be used where there is high EMC interference, very strong currents and vibrations, including:

  • on trains,
  • on ships.

The UNI EMC Dicht gland can also be used in customised conduits: