SBS®X-75A and SPEC Pak® - watertight and durable for years
The SBS®X-75A and SPEC Pak® are DC power connectors designed by Anderson Power Products, offering numerous technological solutions to guarantee the safety of your application. A high level of tightness, a high number of cycles and resistance to extreme temperatures and vibration are just a few of their strong points.
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UNI EMC Dicht - the EMC gland for the toughest conditions
Adequate shielding even with intense vibration can be guaranteed by a small group of components. They prove themselves in the toughest applications, such as railway or marine applications. The UNI EMC Dicht gland designed for shipbuilding and rail transport certainly belongs to this group.
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UNI Dicht TRI - modular EMC gland with spring screen
The UNI Dicht TRI gland with patented EMC spring is dedicated to applications exposed to the negative effects of electromagnetic interference. Its modular design, compact size, above-average shielding properties and excellent leak-tightness make it ideal for demanding applications.
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