PA 6-L ROHRflex and HG-PET 025 - orange plexiglas and braidings

PA 6-L ROHRflex and HG-PET 025 - orange plexiglas and braidings

Thanks to the development of electromobility, we have an increasing number of electric vehicles. Cables in such high-voltage installations should be marked orange and have appropriate protection. Flexa has solutions including both conduits and braidings.


    If you need a cable protection solution that has:

  • orange coloring,
  • resistance to UV rays,
  • flammability testing,

    PA 6-L ROHRflex conduits:

  • are available in the required orange color,
  • have been subjected to an internal test according to the ASTM-G155 standard, e.g. resistance to UV rays,
  • passed HB flammability tests (UL94) and ECE-R 118.03, which is required in vehicles.

    These conduits are also characterized by:

  • tightness class up to IP 68,
  • possibility of operation in the temperature range -25°C ... +120°C,
  • resistance to oils, gasoline, acids and solvents,
  • free of silicone, cadmium and halogen.

    Orange PA 6-L conduits will be used, for example, in high-voltage installations:

  • on buses,
  • in electric cars,
  • on ships,
  • in industrial machines.

For orange conduits, you can use FLEXAquick quick connectors, which are installed quickly, using only your hands:

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