FLEXAquick - quick, easy and safe

FLEXAquick - quick, easy and safe

The German FLEXA has been developing the patented FLEXAquick instant coupling system for over 30 years. The connector mechanism, brilliant in its simplicity, reduces the time needed to install or release the conduit to a few seconds. The single-body construction makes this product reliable, durable and ensures solid protection from water and dust. Currently, the line consists of several dozen connectors and a number of accessories compatible with all manufacturer's corrugated protective pipes.

FLEXAquick is based on a simple push-in lock mechanism, which effectively wedges the corrugated conduit, protecting it against accidental disconnection and the cable protected by it against disconnection. Equally intuitive disassembly requires only moving the latch sleeve. The operation of the mechanism is well demonstrated in the video below:

The product range consists of many connector variants and numerous accessories. We can choose from a variety of connectors that differ in structure, thread type and material. All of them have in common high efficiency in securing the conduit and great versatility. The greatest advantages of the FLEXAquick system include:

  • quick, trouble-free and tool-free installation of the casing pipe,
  • wide product offer: straight, angular, Y and T-type connectors, flanged connectors with various types of thread,
  • one-piece connection ensuring proper protection of the conduit
  • compact and solid design – connectors are made of plastic, metal or a combination of these two materials,
  • high mechanical load-bearing capacity and resistance to damage,
  • protection against ingress up to IP68 / IP69K achieved without the use of additional elements (seals, latches, etc.) and without the need to use tools - allows you to easily adapt the connector even to the most demanding applications,
  • certificates enabling the use of connectors in various industries, even in the most demanding applications - VDE for electrical installations, entry in the Lloyd's Register for marine applications, DIN EN 45545-2 and DIN EN 45545-3 certification for railway applications and many others,
  • compatible with all FLEXA brand corrugated protective pipes.

Connectors in the FLEXAquick system

We recommend Flexa multilayer hoses for FLEXAquick connectors:

If you have a need to pass the entire conduit through to the other side of an obstruction, then use a conduit fitting, or a conduit gland:

FlexaQuick fittings offer the opportunity to create a system system tailored to your needs, in combination with a customised conduit:

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