RQGKST - quick-action coupling allowing seamless passage of the trunking over an obstacle

RQGKST - quick-action coupling allowing seamless passage of the trunking over an obstacle

Zone boundaries in vehicles such as the roof, walls or floor have almost always been a challenge for the proper passage of protective pipes. These places require the use of extremely durable components that will properly allow the conduit to pass through without negatively affecting its parameters and flexibility. In certain situations, they must also effectively protect a given zone against external threats. FLEXA has developed a component that combines all the expected features. RQGKST is a connector based on the groundbreaking FLEXAquick system, which additionally, it ensures high tightness and will work in the most difficult conditions thanks to meeting the highest fire protection standards expressed by the HL3 certificate in accordance with the EN 45545-2 standard.

RQGKST culvert

Users looking for a way to run a conduit through a wall, roof or floor so that:

  • maintain the highest degree of protection,
  • ensure high mechanical resistance,
  • high thermal/fire resistance,
  • convenient and quick assembly or disassembly,
  • do not take up much space;

The RQGKST connector will provide the following benefits:

  • ingress protection IP 68 / IP 69K,
  • resistance to mechanical damage,
  • operating temperature up to 120°C, self-extinguishing material,
  • railway certificate EN 45545-2 (HL3),
  • Flexa Quick installation system – the fastest and simplest method of connecting to the conduit,
  • compact, one-piece design.

RQGKST connectors can be used wherever it is necessary to pass the conduit through the wall tightly and reliably, e.g.:

  • on trains,
  • in wheeled vehicles,
  • in the maritime and offshore sector,
  • in electrical installations in industrial and energy plants,
  • in industrial machines.

RQGKST works perfectly with ROHRflex PA12+ and PA12F+ conduits, which we have described in more detail here.

The RQGKST quick-action coupling is ideally suited for the airtight insertion of multilayer cables through an obstruction:

If you only need to feed the hose into an obstruction and not through, then use Flexa Quick connectors: