Pflitsch UNI Dicht for the railway industry - advantages of the UNI Dicht system plus excellent fire protection

Pflitsch UNI Dicht for the railway industry - advantages of the UNI Dicht system plus excellent fire protection

The Pflitsch company, when creating a series of UNI Dicht modular cable glands, anticipated the demand for this component in demanding application areas. One of them are mechanisms mounted in vehicles, with particular emphasis on rail transport. As a result, part of the group now includes products that effectively minimize the risk of fire and smoke spread. Brass or steel glands equipped with an insert made of thermoplastic elastomer or silicone meet the highest fire protection requirements at the HL3 level in accordance with the EN 45545-2 standard. Additionally, they have not lost the features for which the UNI Dicht series is known - excellent protection of the cable against mechanical damage.

The UNI Dicht series is distinguished by special attention to the optimal condition of the cable throughout the entire period of application operation. It is no different in the case of cable glands dedicated to railway applications. The soft-pressing insert surrounds the cable, pressing it lightly but effectively and ensuring tightness at the IP68 and UL type 4X level. The standard insert material has been replaced with thermoplastic elastomer (T80s), guaranteeing an operating temperature range from -40 to +130°C. If we choose the optional silicone insert (S55), this range can be further increased and range from -55°C to +180°C. The gland is available in thread sizes from M12 to even M63 and in a variant with a long connection thread (available in sizes from M16 to M32).

Uni Dicht fire no 1

UNI Dicht with fire protection thanks to its features:

  • limits the spread of fire and smoke, minimizing the risk of fire outbreak,
  • in case of fire limits the penetration of harmful smoke and gasses into the surroundings,
  • is characterized by high resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation, making it suitable for outdoor applications,
  • is resistant to mechanical wearcaused by stone chips and vibrations and protects the cable against tearing (strain relief),
  • above average durability reduces service costs during the application life cycle,
  • optional EMC shielding protects cables particularly exposed to electromagnetic interference
  • the versatility of the UNI Dicht line guarantees easy component installation.

The properties of the cable gland are shown in detail in the video below:

For railway applications, UNI Dicht glands will work well as an element:

  • propulsion engines requiring:
    • effective passage of power and data cables resistant to high levels of stress,
    • long-term tightness and resistance to vibration,
    • protection against mechanical damage in the area of drive bogies,
    • in special cases of EMC shielding;
  • braking systems as:
    • a safe, vibration-resistant element for routing cables for various purposes near axles and rails,
    • component ensuring durability in a wide temperature range;
  • sensor systems in wagon wheels needing:
    • solid protection of power cables located near the wheels of speed, temperature and vibration sensors,
    • component resistant to dynamically changing weather conditions, vibrations, mechanical damage,
    • a solution that works effectively in a wide temperature range;
  • power converters requiring:
    • Efficient supply of power cables and wiresdata transmission to voltage and frequency converters on the roofs or under the floors of wagons,
    • effective protection of cables against electromagnetic interference,
    • tight components, resistant to vibrations;
  • pantographs in need of:
    • reliable and precise routing of cables through the train roof to the control units,
    • solutions that can operate in a wide temperature range,
    • components resistant to UV radiation and changing atmospheric factors,
    • elements ensuring effective protection against cable tearing (strain relief);
  • reinforced cable entries in aisles, as:
    • protection against disconnection of pre-wired and completely connected wires in traction units,
    • a solid solution that can be used with limited installation space.

UNI Dicht fire protection cable glands have all the best features of the UNI Dicht series while maintaining its universal character. Above-average durability allows it to meet the high demands of the railway market. The versatility and solid construction make this solution perfect as an element of many applications in rail vehicles.

The following video shows how UNI Dicht cable glands changed the market:

The UNI dicht gland can also be used for customized entry plates: