FLEXA ADMF - effective fire protection in railway applications

FLEXA ADMF - effective fire protection in railway applications

The ADMF fire barrier is designed to effectively protect devices and machines used in rail vehicles and their users. The structure of the component reduces the rate of fire spread in the event of a fire and makes it highly tolerant to extreme temperatures. The manufacturer used a special thermo-expandable insert, which allowed the barrier to be adapted to the rigorous railway standards EN 45545-3 E30 and NFPA 130.

Compliance with the EN 45545-3 standard guarantees that the nickel-plated brass fire barrier will effectively separate the casing pipe from the casing for at least 30 minutes. This is due to a special insert made of a carbon-based material, which, after reaching a certain temperature, begins to expand rapidly, instantly creating a protective barrier between two hazardous zones. Its operation limits not only the risk of fire spreading, but also the penetration of harmful smoke or toxic gases.

The component can operate in the range from -40 to +600°C, and in a short period also at the extreme temperature of +850°C. The barrier has external and internal metric threads of the same size from M16x1.5 - M50x1.5. This allows it to be used with most connectors, cable glands and accessories that increase the strength of the cables (so-called strain relief). Moreover, it can be mounted both vertically and horizontally. The product also complies with the DIN EN 60204 standard for electrical installations.

ADMF barrier dimensions:

ADMF Barrier Dimensions

ADMF Barrier Dimension Table

For ADMF fire barriers, we recommend Flexa Quick couplings, multilayer corrugated tubes and personalised conduits: