UNI Dicht TRI - modular EMC gland with spring screen

UNI Dicht TRI - modular EMC gland with spring screen

The increasing automation and miniaturization of industrial equipment combined with the development of digital communication increases the risk of electromagnetic interference. These, in turn, may negatively impact the application's performance and durability. In this situation, EMC components prove invaluable. Pflitsch has been a leader among producers of this type of solutions for years. The patented TRI spring ensures the safety of devices in an exemplary manner. UNI Dicht TRI cable glands are a combination of modularity and compact dimensions of UNI Dicht as well as above-average shielding properties. The excellent tightness of the component makes it suitable for use in the most difficult conditions.

UNI Dicht TRI stuffing box

Users looking for an EMC gland that:

  • suppresses EMC noise extremely effectively,
  • provides good EMC protection even with small screen sizes,
  • carries strong currents,
  • is resistant to vibrations,
  • is easy, quick and repeatable to install,
  • has a compact size,
  • has protection against twisting of the cable inside the seal;

The UNI Dicht TRI stuffing box will provide the following benefits:

  • excellent protection of devices against the harmful effects of EMC,
  • ability to seal wires carrying strong currents,
  • extremely simple and quick assembly,
  • repeatability of assembly, which reduces the number of errors in the process,
  • possibility of installation where there is not much space,
  • protecting the cable against twisting in the seal,
  • can work in conditions of strong vibrations.

UNI Dicht TRI glands will be used where there is high EMC interference, strong currents, and the assembly process is to be simple and repeatable, including: in:

  • electric motors,
  • converters,
  • high voltage lines,
  • data transmission lines,
  • DC converters,
  • power distribution units (PDU),
  • air conditioning compressors,
  • battery packs,
  • energy storage.

If you need glands for cables with larger diameters and larger throttling ranges, the blueglobe TRI gland is the right choice for you:

The UNI Dicht TRI gland can also be used in customised conduits: