CABseal – simple, safe, profitable

CABseal – simple, safe, profitable

Regardless of the industry, whether mechanical engineering, railway industry or energy, Pflitsch offers the optimal solution for cable entry. The modular CABseal system allows you to easily and effectively pass up to 40 cables. Meeting various requirements in specific areas of application is possible with comprehensive properties such as high tightness, effective strain relief, ease of installation, durability and a wide operating temperature range.

CABseal cable entry system is used for simple and reliable entry of pre-assembled and non-assembled cables, pneumatic and hydraulic lines. They will be used primarily in control cabinets, enclosures, industrial machines and for installations in vehicles. The great advantage of the described system are the sizes of available frames, compatible with common standard openings in control cabinets, so one frame can be adapted to a specific cutout and hole arrangement.

By choosing the CABseal, you also receive:

  • fully splittable system, enabling time-saving and money-saving installation - it is done only using an Allen key based on plastic guides, and modular and pre-cut inserts enable rapid reconfiguration of the installation;
  • low space requirements thanks to high condensation of component elements - the system is perfect for places where installation space is limited;
  • high ingress protection rating (IP66) and UL certification (Type 4X) guarantee maximum application protection;
  • operating temperature range from -40 to +100°C;
  • fire protection at the level of UL 94 V0 and resistance to UV radiationwhich makes the system suitable for outdoor applications;
  • possibility of being equipped with various pre-assembled and non-assembled cables adapted to the application requirements;
  • flexible arrangement of grommets in the frame – ability to pass up to 40 cables with a diameter from 3 to 33;
  • sealing range up to 1.6 mm ensured by appropriate sealing of the grommets;
  • a function that allows you to easily increase strain relief with the use of cable ties;
  • assembly method that does not require disassembly of connectors, which limits the risk of voiding the warranty;
  • compliance with the RoHS directive;
  • no halogens and silicone in the composition of the component;
  • possibility of modernizing the installation (retrofitting);
  • a component production takes place in Germany, which significantly shortens the delivery time.

CABseal frame variants

The CABseal cable entry system consists of four frames in various sizes (the largest of them: F24 frame enables the use of up to 10 grommets, has dimensions of 134.5 x 61 x 20 mm - there are also 4, 6 and 8 module frame variants) and grommets, with which allow you to create numerous configurations. Cables entries is made easier by cuts on the side of the bushings. The sizes of the modular guides have been standardized so that the dimensions of the four smaller ones correspond exactly to the one large one.

The frame of the component is made of durable polyamide, while the guides are made of elastomer. Proper sealing is ensured by special rings, whose flexible geometry adapts to the line, and an integrated elastomeric frame seal. Additionally, after tightening, the upper part of the frame presses the guides appropriately.

Instruction for assembling a CABseal into an enclosure.

There are other ways to run multiple cables tightly through an obstruction, such as multi-hole glands:

or a customised feedthrough, which also allows the routing of protection tubing: