UNI Dicht Multiple - selective shielding of multiple cables within one cable gland

UNI Dicht Multiple - selective shielding of multiple cables within one cable gland

Many components in rail vehicles require the use of components designed with particular care. Those that will adequately protect the application against the possible spread of smoke and fire, and at the same time take into account design nuances, including: limited installation space, non-standard number of wires to pass through or the need to shield selected cables. These will be, for example, air conditioning systems or pantographs, for which the UNI Dicht Multiple multi-hole gland is an excellent solution that solves many problems.

UNI Dicht Multiple is a gland made of nickel-plated copper or stainless steel (AISI 303 1.4305). Its fire-fighting properties are ensured by a multi-hole insert made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE T80s), which guarantees adequate effectiveness in a wide temperature range from -40 to +130°C. What distinguishes the described gland is also the degree of protection against ingress at the level of IP65 and IP68 (up to 10 bar).

Uni Dicht Multiple No. 2 cable gland

The use of the presented cable gland in railway applications (the above-mentioned air conditioning systems and pantographs) not only increases their reliability. It also provides:

UNI Dicht Multiple EMC gland
  • space-saving, allowing maximum use of limited installation space - the solution will work well in the case of compact applications, e.g. an air conditioner in the driver's cabin;
  • possibility to pass through many cables (also with pre-made connectors) power or data transmission cables, e.g. from the train roof to the control units;
  • optional EMC shielding allowing selective protection of routed cables;
  • the highest level of fire protection (HL3) in accordance with the EN 45545-2 standard supported by an appropriate certificate;
  • resistance to weather conditions and UV radiation;
  • numerous variants of the insert with different number and arrangement of holes - this allows you to perfectly match the cable gland to the application requirements;
  • possibility to choose metric thread from M16 to M63.

Resistance to fire and smoke and the tests performed are well reproduced in the film prepared by Pflitsch:

UNI Dicht Multiple also offers all the advantages of the UNI series glands, which are distinguished by modular design and excellent protection against bending, breaking and tearing out the cable (strain relief).

The Uni Dicht Multiple TRI gland can also be used for customised conduits: