Pflitsch blueglobe for rail transport - model airtightness and fire protection

Pflitsch blueglobe for rail transport - model airtightness and fire protection

Blueglobe series glands have been setting market standards for many years. Compared to similar components, they are distinguished by a wider clamping range and the ability to seal large diameter cables, as well as an unrivaled level of strain relief. For more demanding applications, the manufacturer, Pflitsch, has prepared a variant of cable glands with an insert made of thermoplastic elastomer or silicone. As a result, a product was created that combines all the features common to the blueglobe series cable glands with a significantly increased operating temperature range. The result is a product with the highest degree of protection in the railway industry for components: HL3 in accordance with the EN 45545-2 standard.

Pflitsch blueglobe fire protection glands with a spherical insert have all the features of the series:

  • larger clamping range thanks to the technology used,
  • high strain relief index easily exceeding applicable standards (EN 62444),
  • reliable sealing over a large surface,
  • IP68 protection level up to 15 bar,
  • optimal distribution of forces acting on the cable after tightening,
  • high resistance to vibration,
  • simplified identification through clear markings,
  • easy installation, saving time and money.

blueglobe fire no 1 cable glands

An insert made of thermoplastic elastomer (T80s) or silicone (S55) provides protection for the application in a wider temperature range, respectively: from -40 to +130°C or from -55°C to +180 °C. Glands come in three variants: nickel-plated brass, stainless steel (AISI 303 1.4305) or polyamide. The metal variants are offered with threads from M12 to M63, while the polymer variant from M16 to M40.

The polyamide gland also has an IP69 and UL type 4X protection rating (in addition to the standard IP68 for blueglobe). Due to its sealing properties, this compact component is perfect for air-conditioning systems in rail transport.

Blueglobe Fire polyamide cable gland

Metal glands also meet the EN 45545-3: E30 standard in the fire resistance class. They keep the flame inside for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is perfectly illustrated by the video below (from 36 seconds):

A 4-step instert version is also available, which provides a clamping range from 6 to 20mm for M25 threads and 10-25mm for M32 threads!

blueglobe-4-step-insert blueglobe-4-step-insert

The above-mentioned features make blueglobe fire protection glands create an exemplary environment needed for the safe routing of pre-wired or un-bonded power cables, data transmission cables or hydraulic cables. They can be successfully used in:

  • braking systems,
  • vehicle wheel sensors,
  • power converters,
  • pantographs,
  • in exposed places such as aisles,
  • in other areas of the vehicle that require the use of a component: tight, resistant to temperature fluctuations, durable and reliable, and minimizing the wear of cooperating components.

When choosing the right component for a railway application, it is worth choosing fire protection glands from the blueglobe series because:

  • have passed a number of tests and meet standards allowing them to be used around the world (VDE, CSA, UL, NFPA 130, Bombardier SMP 800-C),
  • minimize the risk of fire and limit the spread of fire and the emission of harmful smoke and gases,
  • are durable and resistant to both atmospheric and mechanical factors,
  • effectively protect various types of cables, ensuring the highest level of tightness,
  • optimum number of elements facilitates assembly and subsequent maintenance.

Video material presenting selected features of cable glands from blueglobe series:

Blueglobe glands can also be used in customised feedthroughs:


Pflitsch bg 216Bms - cable gland

Pflitsch bg 216Bms - cable gland

51,95 zł / 5 pcs. excl. VAT
Pflitsch bg 220Bms - cable gland

Pflitsch bg 220Bms - cable gland

56,40 zł / 5 pcs. excl. VAT
Pflitsch bg 225Bms - cable gland

Pflitsch bg 225Bms - cable gland

75,95 zł / 5 pcs. excl. VAT
Pflitsch bg 232Bms - cable gland

Pflitsch bg 232Bms - cable gland

160,30 zł / 5 pcs. excl. VAT