AXYR® - compact, tool-free inserts

AXYR® - compact, tool-free inserts

The increasing automation of industrial applications requires connecting an increasing number of wires. At the same time, the component is expected to use the technologies used in it to effectively reduce the time needed for installation and the space needed for installation. The Italian company ILME constantly focuses on research and development of products that will provide easier-to-install, safer and cost-optimal solutions. The latest response to market needs is the AXYR® connector series.

Users who struggle with problems such as:

  • the need to spend a lot of time on cable installation,
  • necessity to use various specialized tools for crimping wires,
  • the need to quickly change the connection configuration,
  • problems with the quality of crimped connections,
  • little available space for the connector;

AXYR technology offers:

  • contact density similar to crimped connections, and at the same time does not require any specialized tools for assembly, the process of which has been simplified as much as possible,
  • reliable, repeatable, secure and easily reconfigurable connections,
  • availability of variants in modular technology, which gives a huge number of combinations from which a connector can be built,
  • high resistance to vibrations and other mechanical damage,
  • availability of up to 92 pins in one housing.


When using an appropriate housing and protection of the outgoing cable (glands, conduits, etc.), the described connectors can be used in almost all the most demanding working environments, such as:

  • industrial plants,
  • rail vehicles,
  • wheeled vehicles,
  • wind turbines,
  • maritime sector,
  • control and distribution cabinets where it is required to quickly make many connections in a small space.

The operation, installation method and advantages of AXYR connectors are shown in the video below:

AXYR connectors are also part of the MIXO modular system: