MIXO - modular inserts to build almost any connector

MIXO - modular inserts to build almost any connector

ILME has developed a modular system of connectors for special applications that provide versatile configuration and fit into traditional manufacturer housings. The types of inserts can be freely combined, creating connectors with a unique arrangement, strictly adapted to the design requirements, capable of transmitting various types of signals. The whole thing is limited by a frame that facilitates installation, service and reconfiguration of the connector. Various insert variants, such as the single-module MIXO ONE or the compact MIXO TWO, provide even greater flexibility of the presented solution.

Users for whom it is important to be able to:

  • quickly and freely configure and reconfigure the connector according to your needs,
  • transmission of many types of signals in one housing (electrical, optical, pneumatic, data),
  • effective protection of the connector against the unfavorable influence of external factors;

MIXO technology offers:

  • a very wide range of modules for transmitting various types of signals, from which you can build a connector tailored to your requirements,
  • fitting up to 6 modules in one housing,
  • assembly frames of various sizes, into which individual modules can be easily plugged in and out, allowing for quick reconfiguration of the connector,
  • compatibility of frames and inserts with a whole range of housings protecting against the negative impact of even the most difficult external conditions.

MIXO connectors will be used in almost all industrial sectors, especially where:

  • requires a connector that is not commercially available
  • the concept of making connections often changes,
  • prototypes are made,
  • there is a need for frequent servicing.

The operation, installation method and advantages of MIXO connectors are shown in the videos below:

Push-In AXYR inserts can be used in these enclosures: