CQ4 - compact connectors carrying strong currents

CQ4 - compact connectors carrying strong currents

Components used in specialized industrial applications must meet the demands of a demanding work environment. For customers looking for a solution that is compact, capable of carrying strong currents and resistant to external factors, ILME has proposed the CQ4 series. Combined with resistant housings, they create reliable and durable connector systems whose ingress protection can reach up to IP68 / IP69.

For users looking for connectors:

  • allowing the transfer of strong currents,
  • taking up little space
  • securely connected,
  • protected against negative environmental influences;

CQ4 offer:

  • compact size,
  • possibility to transfer currents up to 40 A at voltages up to 830 V with wires with a cross-section of up to 10 mm2,
  • inserts with anti-shock protection; for the 830 V version, a heat shrink tube is supplied to provide additional insulation,
  • additional coding pins to prevent incorrect connection
  • inserts compatible with a wide range of housings providing protection against harmful external factors.

CQ4 connectors are intended primarily for use in railway, energy, and automation, e.g. in connections in 3-phase motors.