E-Xtreme® - connectors for extreme conditions

E-Xtreme® - connectors for extreme conditions

Applications exposed to extremely low temperatures (even up to -60°C) and the negative impact of external factors need proven solutions that will guarantee effective operation for an extremely long period of use. Such a solution are ILME E-Xtreme series connectors, which are characterized by the highest resistance to wide range temperature fluctuations, resistance to corrosion, UV radiation and the negative impact of chemicals. The solutions used create a durable and tight working environment with an ingress protection level of up to IP66 / IP68 / IP69.

Users looking for a connector that:

  • is resistant to very difficult environmental conditions,
  • has a clasp lever that cannot be unfastened accidentally;

The E-Xtreme connector housing will provide the following benefits:

  • long-term resistance to very aggressive chemicals, salt and UV rays
  • very high resistance to mechanical damage,
  • high tolerance for very low temperatures,
  • a two-stage clasp lever that can only be fully unfastened if a person deliberately does so - stones hitting from under the train have no chance of doing so.

E-Xtreme connectors will be used where the harshest environmental conditions occur, including:

  • train roofs and chassis,
  • vehicles pouring salt on the roads,
  • ships,
  • wind turbines,
  • offshore platforms.

The operation and advantages of E-Xtreme connectors are shown in the following video:

E-Xtreme housings can use the MIXO modular system, which allows almost any connector to be built:

It is worthwhile to speed up and simplify the process of installing multiple cables in the housing insert by using a push-in solution called AXYR: