Bimed - a wide range of ventilation and drainage solutions

Bimed - a wide range of ventilation and drainage solutions

Maintaining the appropriate pressure inside the enclosure is a key factor in the operation of almost every industrial application. The leading producers of pressure compensation solutions are the Turkish company Bimed, which is one of the largest producers of this type of solutions in the world. For over 40 years, it has been providing high-quality components that guarantee the reliability and safety of devices and machines. The manufacturer's offer includes ventilated cable glands, drains, pressure compensation valves and VSD (Ventilation Safety Device) elements.

Users looking for solutions to problems related to:

  • increase in pressure inside tight enclosures due to large temperature changes,
  • condensate accumulation inside sealed housings,
  • the risk of a very sudden increase in pressure inside the enclosure, e.g. due to the explosion of the device placed inside,
  • the need for ventilation and drainage components to operate in the EX zone;

Bimed's solutions will offer the following benefits:

  • compensation valves will equalize the pressure inside the housing in relation to the surroundings,
  • drains will allow condensate to be removed from the inside of the housing,
  • ventilated glands allow the cable to be tightly routed out of the housing, while allowing it to be ventilated,
  • safety valves allow you to quickly release a lot of harmful gases from the housing and reduce the pressure in it, which will prevent further harmful processes inside the enclosure,
  • Thanks to the above functions, you can protect very delicate and expensive electronic devices against damage.

Ventilated glands:

  • at the same time they act as a cable gland and a pressure compensation element, sealing the cable, equalizing the pressure outside and inside the housing and preventing condensed water from accumulating in the housing,
  • have a hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane,
  • available in plastic, metal, EMC and EX versions, with silicone seal, thread sizes M12 - M20 and PG 7 - PG 13.5, choke range from 2 mm to 11 mm,
  • tightness class up to IP67, flammability class V2.


  • drain water from housings, protecting sensitive electronic devices from damage caused by condensed water,
  • available in plastic, metal and steel versions, EX, with silicone seal, thread size M20 and M25,
  • tightness class up to IP68.


  • equalizes the pressure outside and inside the housing and prevents condensed water from accumulating in the tight housing,
  • have a hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane,
  • available in plastic, metal, steel, also in EX, thread sizes M4 - M40 and PG 7 - PG 9,
  • tightness class up to IP68,
  • flow rates up to 2,200 l/h.

VSD (Ventilation Safety Device):

  • the component independently performs the function of ventilation and sudden ejection of harmful pressurized gases from the housing, equalizing the pressure inside and outside the housing and reducing the risk of battery explosion,
  • made of glass fiber reinforced PA66, thread size M40 or 40mm snap-in version,
  • available version with automatic closing function after opening and releasing gases,
  • tightness class up to IP68 and IP 69K, flammability class V0,
  • shock resistant.

Bimed offer

Bimed's solutions for ventilation, drainage and the need for sudden pressure relief will be used, among others, in: in:

  • devices in sealed housings operating outdoors and therefore exposed to large temperature changes in a short time,
  • devices operating in rooms with very rapid temperature changes
  • vehicle light housings,
  • lamp holders,
  • weather measurement stations,
  • electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries,
  • energy storage.

The following videos show how Bimed solutions work:

When searching for information on Bimed ventilation solutions, see our range of sealed industrial enclosures.

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