The advantages of busbars in industrial applications

The advantages of busbars in industrial applications

Laminated busbars are low-induction connectors designed for efficient power transmission in high-frequency circuits. They are made from layers of copper or aluminium, separated with layers of insulation and laminated into a single structure. Characterized by parameters such as maximum current and voltage values, dielectric strength, operating temperature range.




This construction, as well as application-focused design, brings out many important benefits for the users:

  • reduction of parasitic inductances,
  • raised capacity
  • capability to withstand very strong electric currents,
  • significantly simplifying the assembly process by shortening the process, ensuring high repeatability and elimination of errors in the process of making internal connections,
  • increase of the number of solutions for internal connections,
  • higher system reliability,
  • higher mechanical endurance of the system,
  • reduced size and weight of the system,
  • significant improvement of the heat ventilation,
  • lower system costs (construction and operation).

Due to their features, busbars are an excellent solution in such applications as:

  • power electronic converters with IGBT transistor modules, working in high-frequency systems,
  • battery packs
  • inverters for wind power and photovoltaic industries,
  • electrovehicle charging stations,
  • drive systems in vehicles,
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD),
  • electric engines
  • Smart Grid network systems,
  • server rooms, telecom cabinets,
  • UPS systems.




The main industrial markets making use of busbars are:

  • railways,
  • electromobility,
  • renewable energy,
  • battery-powered systems, UPS,
  • telecommunication and data centres.

The Sun.King company, of which Soyter is a partner in Europe, offers a wide range of solutions in the field of busbars, starting with simple copper ones, without any additional coating, and ending at very technically complicated, laminated busbars. Due to projects implemented in many countries for various industrial sectors, the manufacturer is able to meet almost any technical challenge.

At this point, it is worth noting that the characteristics of a single project may be so unique that it will require an individual solution. Soyter Components has the competence and experience in providing busbars precisely suited to the needs of a specific application.