RQM - the conduit protection holder system for demanding applications

RQM - the conduit protection holder system for demanding applications

The FLEXA company, which approaches the issue of cable protection comprehensively, offers groups of components that facilitate the creation of conduit guidance systems. One of such groups is the RQM series. Nylon clamps not only improve the management of casing pipe systems, but are also adapted to work in difficult conditions. They have the highest level of fire protection HL3 in accordance with the EN 45545-2 standard.

RQM terminals are characterized by:

  • above average resistance to mechanical damage,
  • ribbed mounting for greater protection of the conduit against pulling out
  • resistance to UV radiation,
  • possibility of use in difficult conditions:
    • HL3 level in accordance with the railway standard EN 45545-2,
    • entry in Lloyd's Register allowing the successful use of clamps in marine applications,
  • operating temperature range from -40 to +120°C.

The RQM clamps are installed in conjunction with U-profiles. The manufacturer provides the possibility of mounting several clamps next to each other or one on top of the other. In both cases, it is also worth paying attention to other clamp variants: RQMS, RQM2, RQM3 and RQM4, which have similar parameters and durability, but allow for the arrangement of many conduits in one holder with a higher density. RQMR cable also allows you to run cables without conduits.

RQM Handle

Among the accessories, it is worth paying attention to the RQMR-MOVE movable insert, which works perfectly with conduits with increased flexibility and significantly improves the protection of cables. The movable insert significantly reduces the stress that the conduit is subjected to in the holder during intensive bending.

RQMR-MOVE meets a number of railway standards expressed in UL 94 V0 and 45545-2 certificates at the HL3 level.

Key features of the RQMR-MOVE insert:

  • designed for the installation of thick and fine profile casing pipes,
  • compact size,
  • self-extinguishing properties,
  • high resistance to vibration and impact,
  • reduces high mechanical stress,
  • no silicone, cadmium and halogen in the composition,
  • operating temperature range from -40 to +120°C.

RQMR-MOVE insert

An additional accessory that will work well in less demanding applications (UL 94 HB) is a one-piece RQS conduit clamp. It is distinguished by its resistance to mechanical damage, compact size and rapid assembly and disassembly of the casing pipe based on an integral hinge. The component also enables the installation of various sizes of conduits in a line.

Features of the RQS clamp:

  • ribbed mounting effectively reducing stress,
  • high mechanical strength with a very small component size,
  • installation in combination with a channel profile,
  • no silicone, cadmium and halogen in the composition,
  • above average resistance to damage,
  • operating temperature range from -40 to +120°C.

RQS Clamp

The RQM series of clamps along with key accessories is presented in the video below:

Examples of application of RQM holders

With the use of RQM clamps, we recommend running PA 12+ conduits: