DC flat and DIN power connectors from Anderson Power Products

DC flat and DIN power connectors from Anderson Power Products

Anderson Power Products is an international leader in the design and production of power connectors. The company already has 100 years of experience, which is reflected in the exceptionally high quality of their offer. APP solutions are known for their innovation and durability. They work well in industries including: Material Handling, Datacom, Construction, Agriculture, Lawn & Garden and Commercial Industry. APP's security expertise ensures its products meet regional and global certification requirements, enabling seamless integration.

Despite maintaining rigorous quality standards, the manufacturer's offer remains cost-effective. Moreover, by having numerous production centers and distribution points, APP is able to drastically shorten the lead time of delivered products and the costs of their transportation.

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    Users who need a solution that allows

  • to conduct strong DC currents,
  • for installation despite the small amount of space,
  • to provide protection against electric shock,
  • to use not only current contacts, but also additional signal contacts allowing the transmission of additional power control signals, measuring the battery charge status, etc., and air tubes allowing the electrolyte to circulate while quickly charging the battery;

    Anderson Power Products'

    flat and DIN connectors will provide the following benefits:

  • ability to conduct currents exceeding 500 A,
  • excellent ratio of the conducted current to the size of the connector,
  • up to 3 power contacts and up to 16 signal contacts in one housing,
  • accessories facilitating use - e.g. handles, cable clamps, caps, mounting plates, etc.
  • possibility of connecting and disconnecting under voltage (hot-plug),
  • contacts also for busbars and PCBs,
  • housing version resistant to temperatures up to -400C and to UV and aggressive chemicals,
  • coding using housing colors or special pins to protect against incorrect connection
  • large number of merge cycles,
  • no division into male and female connectors - great convenience in terms of shopping and storage,
  • dedicated manual, pneumatic and hydraulic tools to facilitate contact crimping.
    app-connectors app-connectors

    APP connectors can be used wherever it is necessary to transmit DC currents, e.g. in connections:

  • battery to charger,
  • battery for UPS,
  • between battery cells,
  • battery for the engine,
  • batteries for controllers,
  • motor controllers,
  • chargers for the controller,

    in devices and installations such as:

  • forklifts,
  • UPS,
  • cleaning machines,
  • traction batteries,
  • energy storage,
  • battery management systems (BMS),
  • electric vehicles: cars, bicycles, scooters, scooters, skateboards, golf carts, quads, construction, etc.,
  • AGV,
  • data centers,
  • medical devices,
  • garden tools,
  • solar chargers,
  • LED lighting,
  • humidifiers,
  • building management systems,
  • industrial robots,
  • modular mobile offices,
  • drones,
  • electric wheelchairs.


Contact cleaning technology ensures minimal contact resistance at high current and the contact surface is cleaned during connection/disconnection.

Demonstration of how to crimp the SBE®320 and SBX®350 power contacts, insert them into the housing, and install the auxiliary contacts.

How to assemble a Euro DIN 43589-1 female battery connector with vent contacts: